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Cushioning gel shoe inserts

14.90 8.90
The cushioning shoe inserts in soft gel are perfect for both every day and work shoes. The insert contributes to

Forefoot gel inserts

These forefoot inserts are wonderfully comfortable to wear in all shoes, but above all, in high heels. They prevent and

Blister prevention/Scapular tape

5.90 3.90
Scapular tape for feet, knees, and hands, among other things. Thick and elastic blister prevention tape/scapular tape that is waterproof

Shoe inserts against pronation

Shoe inserts against pronation of the ankle. It consists of a comfortable long pad that supports the plantar fascia and

Cushioning Heel

21.90 18.90
Foot Point’s Heel cup provide cushioning to aid heel pains or issues such as heel spur. Heel protection increases stability

Heel silicone inserts

9.90 5.90
A pair of heel inserts is advisable in cases of heel spurs or fat pad syndrome. They provide gentle support

Heel inserts – Avoid chafing

1.50 0.50
Smart chafing preventing inserts for the heel. They attach to the heel of your shoes and lets you avoid chafing.

Gel heel cup

10.90 6.90
Heel cup for cushioning, relief, and treatment of aching heels. Our heel cup has a pain relief function for issues

Heel inserts for heel spurs

Wonderfully comfortable for walking when your heel aches and hurts. Anatomically designed to provide optimal cushioning. The high edges of

Arch support inserts for sunken foot arches

The insert helps to support the forefoot in cases such as flatfoot and other issues with the forefoot resulting from

Gel insole insert against heel spurs & sensitive feet

16.90 14.90
These hollow gel insoles have a great cushioning capacity. They provide soft and pleasant relief for your feet, which allows

Ergonomic shoe inserts with memory foam

34.90 25.90
You won’t get a better shoe insert than this! This shoe insert consists of ergonomic memory foam which both reduces

Wool insoles – Thick, soft, warm, and comfortable

24.90 12.50
These insoles are made of thick and warm wool of different sizes. The insoles are soft and provide extra heat

Cushioning shoe inserts for running

22.90 14.90
This soft insole is perfect for those of you who stand and walk a lot in your everyday life. The