Bambu – LucasAir Zonterapisula vid hårda underlag

Ortopedisk zonterapisula med dubbelverkande teknik avlastar och förebygger smärta och trötthet i fötterna. Stötdämpande massagekuddar stimulerar viktiga reflexpunkter i foten och masserar dem för att öka blodcirkulationen och energiflödet i kroppen.

YunDong Massagesula för Träning – Mot pronation

Fjäderlätta massagesulor vid träning som gör att du kan promenera och träna längre. Massagesulan är anatomiskt uppbyggd för extra stöd och dämpning.

Unixing zonterapisula för vardagsbruk

Tunna och lätta massagesulor som andas. Med sina förhöjningar vid hälen, hålfoten och framfoten ger sulorna en lätt massage. De väger endast åtta gram och är så pass lätta att du inte ens märker att du har dem i skorna.

AMS350 PRO Zone Therapy Insoles

  • ALL IN ONE” with Triple technology
  • Emergency solution for problems with pain and aches in the neck, feet, knees, back, joints or muscles
  • Foot Point's newly developed AMS Zone Therapy Insole with Triple technology shapes itself after the individual's foot to provide the right massage, stimulation, and treatment for each unique foot, which speeds up the healing process.
  • Gentle acupuncture points with pods massage and stimulate the important zones under the foot. In combination with a high magnetic field, the points effectively stimulate and activate the stiff muscles on the soles of your feet, inactive tendons, and connective tissue. Every step gives you a soft massage, but thanks to Foot Point's Triple technique, internal processes in the body, from the immune system to the nervous and hormonal system, are also affected. It increases blood flow, cleans off waste, and reduces nervous tension in the body. 1 pair  for 29,5 Euro with 20% discount. (Reg.price 36,9 Euro) 2 pairs for 49,9 Euro with 32% discount. (Reg.price 73,6 Euro)  BESTSELLER
3 pairs  for 64,9 Euro with 43% discount. (Reg.price 110,7 Euro)
Valium Bula Anvisa Many customers choose to buy 2 or more pairs of insoles to avoid having to move the insoles back and forth from different pairs of shoes. But giving away a couple of AMS Zone Therapy Insoles to loved ones is usually highly appreciated as well.
SIZES Small (36-41), Medium (41-46).

ReGu Zone therapy insole

  This zone therapy insole contributes to effective shock absorption and minimizes any and all strain your feet are exposed

FaQi Magnetic insole

  High-quality leather magnetic insole with pliable natural rubber pads that provide pleasant massage, support, cushioning and relief. Built-in magnets

Activeplus magnetic insole

  The Activeplus magnetic insole is a form-pressed leather magnetic insole with built-in magnets and raised points of support over

AirRuan Zone therapy insole

  The AirRuan Zone therapy insole with extra soft pads counteracts cramps and fatigue in the foot, using extremely good

ReDian Zone therapy insole

  A pair of warm Zone therapy insoles that combine soft pads with massage. The ReDian Zone therapy insole will

ZhongFlex Zone therapy insole

  The feather light ZhongFlex Zone therapy insole has soft, raised pads that give you a pleasant massage while relieving

ShuFu Zone therapy insole

  The ShuFu Zone therapy insole has great and pleasant shock absorption thanks to its unique design with soft, raised

ShuiMu Magnetic insole

  The Shuimu magnetic insole is made of comfortable and elastic EVA with magnetic massage points that massage and stimulate

YinYang Magnetic insole

  With patterned YinYang pads combined with specifically placed magnets, this magnetic insole activates and stimulates the feet softly and

RuanSport Zone Therapy Insole

  This Zone therapy insole provides a Meridian-based treatment for your feet thanks to an insole in soft EVA material,

MagFlex Magnetic Insole

  This magnetic insole is a light and thin insole with extra support for the arch and forefoot in one

RuanGel Gel and Cobblestone Zone Therapy Insole

  Like a Meridian-based treatment for your feet; RuanGel Zone therapy insole with silicone gel points provides amazingly soft massage

MagTao Magnetic Insole

  The MagTao Magnetic insole combines great support with massage, while increasing blood circulation and energy flow in the body.

AcuTag Zone Therapy Insole

  With elastic tags all over the zone therapy insole, together with the built-in magnets, you will get a wonderfully