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AMS350 PRO Zone Therapy Insoles

  • ALL IN ONE” with Triple technology
  • Emergency solution for problems with pain and aches in the neck, feet, knees, back, joints or muscles
  • Foot Point's newly developed AMS Zone Therapy Insole with Triple technology shapes itself after the individual's foot to provide the right massage, stimulation, and treatment for each unique foot, which speeds up the healing process.
  • Gentle acupuncture points with pods massage and stimulate the important zones under the foot. In combination with a high magnetic field, the points effectively stimulate and activate the stiff muscles on the soles of your feet, inactive tendons, and connective tissue. Every step gives you a soft massage, but thanks to Foot Point's Triple technique, internal processes in the body, from the immune system to the nervous and hormonal system, are also affected. It increases blood flow, cleans off waste, and reduces nervous tension in the body.


1 pair  for 29,5 Euro with 20% discount. (Reg.price 36,9 Euro)
2 pairs for 49,9 Euro with 32% discount. (Reg.price 73,6 Euro)  BESTSELLER
3 pairs  for 64,9 Euro with43% discount. (Reg.price 110,7 Euro)
Many customers choose to buy 2 or more pairs of insoles to avoid having to move the insoles back and forth from different pairs of shoes. But giving away a couple of AMS Zone Therapy Insoles to loved ones is usually highly appreciated as well.
SIZES Small (36-41), Medium (41-46).

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Scapular tape for feet, knees, and hands, among other things. Thick and elastic blister prevention tape/scapular tape that is waterproof

Cushioning Heel

Foot Point’s Heel cup provide cushioning to aid heel pains or issues such as heel spur. Heel protection increases stability

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  The MagTao Magnetic insole combines great support with massage, while increasing blood circulation and energy flow in the body.

Heel inserts – Avoid chafing

Smart chafing preventing inserts for the heel. They attach to the heel of your shoes and lets you avoid chafing.

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You won’t get a better shoe insert than this! This shoe insert consists of ergonomic memory foam which both reduces