Frequently asked questions

Below you will find most of the answers to your questions about our products. If you cannot find answers to your questions, you are always welcome to contact us.


Traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive art of healing that has existed for more than 5,000 years and has developed continuously over time. Zone therapy is a method of treatment used to influence the long-term ability of the brain to regulate pain. The method involves stimulating various reflex zones on, among other things, feet, representing the various organs and parts of the body. A distinct pressure leads to a reaction in the area that the zone corresponds to. A zone in the foot is stimulated by pressure from the insoles, which speeds up the healing process and increases blood circulation in that specific body part or organ to which the zone corresponds. When a reflex zone is exposed to stimulation, the energy flow that activates all the muscles, organs and tissues of the body also increases as energy is released.

1. What is special about your health insoles?

Our health insoles are like getting acupuncture without needles, massage without hands, and zone therapy without fingers. It is simply a combination of zone therapy and acupuncture.

Our health insoles have built-in acupuncture points, tags, pads, and magnets for pricking and pressing under your feet. Using our health insoles is like getting a zone therapy and acupuncture treatment. They increase blood circulation, oxygen, and nutrient distribution; reduce lactic acids, pain, and aches. The built-in magnets are designed to influence the electrical field of the body and to make the cells to work at a higher capacity. Magnets counteract various problems in the back, knees but also work against migraines, temporary headaches, and issues with sleep.

Our health insoles press and pricks at different points in the meridian system, which can affect and strengthen the body. Blood circulation and energy flow increase in the body, which kickstart the body’s own self-healing processes.

2. How will your health insoles help me?

  • Provides foot massage

  • Restores the balance in the body

  • Prevents ill health

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Prevents and relieves discomfort

3. What is the difference between your health insoles and other insoles available on the market?

Our health insoles are basically like any other inserts. They increase comfort, provide support and cushioning to relieve feet. The insoles relieve the feet to give you less pain, which lets you stand, walk and exercise longer.

In addition to the above benefits, our health insoles also positively affect many internal processes, from the immune system to the nervous and hormonal system.

Foot Point’s Health insoles (zone therapy insoles, magnetic insoles, and massage insoles) are no ordinary insoles and also differ from moulded insoles. Our health insoles are equipped with elastic acupuncture points, tags, pads, and magnets that massage and activate the important reflex zones in the foot. The insoles alleviate tired feet and gives you a comfortable feeling in every step you take. Most importantly, our insoles effectively relieve and counteract problems with pain and aches in your feet and body, and you won’t notice a thing.

4. How does it feel to use your health insoles?

Health insoles provide foot massage on specific reflex points, increase blood circulation in the body and make you feel more relaxed. During and after use, you will feel alert and relaxed, like you have received a zone therapy or acupuncture treatment, but a more gentle and comfortable treatment.

Our health insoles are designed to increase blood circulation, oxygen, and nutrient distribution, reduce lactic acids, pain, and aches. The built-in magnets are designed to influence the electric field of the body and to make the cells to work at a higher capacity.

Increased blood circulation in the body affects the signal system that activates the body to self-healing in various ways.

5. How do I choose the health insole that best suits me?

All our insoles allow you to increase blood circulation and make you feel good in different ways. But to facilitate your choice of our health insoles, we have made a guide that simplifies your choice of health insoles: See here >>


6. Why do I have pain in my feet when I use your health insoles?

Some users may initially feel pain in their feet when using our health insoles. This may be due to the individual’s foot type, weight, and other health issues. The pain means that there is imbalance in one of your zones. A zone can be blocked in various ways, by poor blood circulation, for example. If the body is in imbalance, it cannot heal itself. To get rid of pain, the body must first be brought into balance.

For example, if you feel pain in your knees and back, these may be symptoms of having an imbalance in your body, which our health insoles can help remove.

If you experience pain when using our health insoles, you can start by using health insoles for shorter intervals at first (such as 30-60 minutes at a time). Then gradually increase the time based on how you feel. After a few weeks of use there shouldn’t be any pain, even after longer periods of use.

7. Why do I sometimes feel dizzy and tired when I use your health insoles?

Using our health insoles is like getting a zone therapy and acupuncture treatment. Therefore, it is common for you to feel thirsty and dizzy. In the beginning, when using our health insoles, try to rest after use, and drink more water. This will pass after a few uses as the body gets more used to it.

8. What should I consider when using your health insoles?

Health insoles should not be used by pregnant women and children under the age of ten. It is also important to drink plenty of water during and after use. They can be used every day for different purposes, but do not overexert yourself when using our insoles. If you feel any discomfort, rest a couple of days.

Depending on your individual problems and what health insoles you use, you will get used to it after a while and you can then easily use them many hours every day.

9. Do your health insoles help if I have any of the following problems?

  • Heel spur

  • Pain in the Achilles tendon

  • Morton’s neuroma

  • Arthrosis

  • Sensitive diabetic feet

  • Sunken forefoot

  • Pacemaker

  • Back pain

  • Knee pain

  • Neck pain

  • Joints and muscles

Yep, our health insoles can be a solution to the above problems, but it comes down to choosing the right insoles for your individual issues with pain and aches. Choose the right insoles here >>

Our health insoles are the solution to your problems with pain and aches in the neck, feet, knees, back, joints and muscles. They relieve, massage, activate and stimulate all important reflex points under your feet, which makes you feel good. How effective and fast the healing process will be, depends on your individual problems and lifestyle. You might feel the difference after 5 minutes, but the result may even come after many weeks or months.

Please note that our health insoles are not a medical treatment that makes you feel good immediately. Our insoles are like acupuncture and zone therapy which is based on traditional Chinese medicine. You can immediately feel how the insoles massage your feet and the big difference may come after a few weeks up to several months of use.


10. What is the difference from an Acupressure mat?

Our zone therapy insoles and magnetic insoles are basically built like an Acupressure mat. They increase blood circulation and provide you with a higher level of well-being. The difference from an acupressure mat is that we have developed and added elastic acupuncture points, magnets, pods, and pads to make them feel soft and comfortable in your shoes while working more efficiently. In addition, they are significantly more practical and easier to use than an acupressure mat!

11. How do I cut to the insoles?

Our health insoles are available both with and without pre-marked lines. For health insoles without pre-marked lines, take out the shoe’s original insole and use it as a template when cutting the insole. Health insoles with pre-marked lines and size can easily be cut along the lines found under the insoles.

12. Which health insoles do your acupuncturists and experts recommend?

All health insoles have their own functions. People have individual problems and foot types. When choosing health insoles for best results, we recommend a pair of health insoles that massage and stimulate somewhat firmer, and a pair of health insoles that massage and stimulate more gently. More stimulation will get blood circulation started faster which in turn reactivates damaged muscles and joints. A more gentle massage for comfort and to increase blood circulation in the body.

13. Should I take out my original inserts in the shoes when I use your health insoles?

We recommend that you take out your original inserts because our insoles are somewhat thicker than regular insoles.

14. For how long can I use your health insoles per day?

Our health insoles don’t massage, prick, and press as hard as zone therapy and acupuncture does. You should feel comfortable with our health insoles and can therefore use our health insoles all day long, as long as you do not feel discomfort. Discomfort depends on, among other things, the sensitivity, pain, weight, and balance of the individual. If you feel discomfort, do not use the insoles for a few hours up to a couple of days.

15. If I want to buy a larger number of your health insoles as a Christmas present/gift for my staff, are there discounts available?

When buying over 50 pairs of our health insoles and providing company information, we will give you a discount.

Please contact us for more information: [email protected]


16. Do you ship health insoles to the U.S?

Yes, we ship our goods worldwide, free of charge when buying over 250 SEK (29 USD).

17. Who can become a retailer?

Companies like health shops, masseurs, podiatrists, and foot therapists are welcome to become our retailers. If your company is interested in becoming our retailer, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact: [email protected]


Last but not least. Do not suffer from foot pain when help is available. Foot Point’s health insoles provide support and relief to your feet. But not only that, aching feet need be exercised and with our health insoles your feet are given a workout for every step you take, thanks to our carefully built-in and built-up acupuncture points, tags, pads, and magnets. Health insoles strengthen the musculature of the foot and give you less pain or completely get rid of it in the feet and body. Our health insoles are the solution to your problems with pain and aches in the neck, feet, knees, back, joints and muscles. Customer satisfaction guarantee.