in neck, feet, knees, back, joints or muscles?

There is a solution!

Foot Point’s AMS Zone therapy insole shapes itself to your foot and provides you with a gentle foot massage, increases blood circulation, improves your sleep, counteracts ill health, and gives you much-needed pain relief.


New development with triple technology

Feel the massage insoles (1) elastic acupunctures points with (2) small pods and (3) magnets of different sizes that set in motion the body´s electrical fields, activate the deep muscles, and stimulate blood circulation in the tissues of your bones. 

AMS Zonterapisulor

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 Some of our references

Back problems with sciatica

I have had back problems with sciatica and after some time of using of AMS Zone Therapy Insoles, my issues lessened and now I feel increased blood circulation in my entire body, which also has led to less stiffness in my back and legs.

Carina Malmgren – Section chief

Sleep better, and less pain in the back.

Nice feeling to get a foot massage just by walking and standing. Today, I sleep better and have less pain in my back.

Lina Rudolfsson. Dermatologist

Tired and sore feet

I’ve long had issues, including with tired and sore feet due to arthritis, especially in the morning when I wake up. After a couple of weeks of using these insoles, my issues decreased, and I feel much better. I can feel how the blood circulation has increased in my body.

Steve Jiang. Physician

Pain in hips and knees

I’ve had pain in the hips and knees which is now completely gone. My husband had problems with so-called false sciatica, a problem that is now completely gone.

Lena Rudolfsson. Pensioner


Try AMS Zone Therapy Insoles in the peace and quiet of your home. Your purchase is completely safe, with right of withdrawal, and if you are not satisfied, we will refund your entire purchase.