About Foot Point

Foot Point was founded in 2011, in Hässleholm, and since then, with the help of acupuncturists and experts, we have developed acupuncture and massage insoles in our research laboratory in China/Hangzhou. Our acupuncturists have more than 30 years of experience and have studied the reflex zones in the body their entire careers. Our acupuncturists conduct daily testing of the connection of different insoles and shoes to achieve the best adaptability for the individual foot shape.

We manufacture, sell and market different types of Zone Therapy Insoles, Magnetic insoles, and shoe inserts. We have developed several different types of Zone Therapy Insoles. AMS Zone Therapy Insoles are the most appreciated Zone Therapy Insoles of all our massage insoles. It has been tested, proven, and appreciated, in several different parts of the world. This insole was developed after a long period of research and development, and today’s Zone Therapy Insole has formed the basis for further development by Foot Point. This unique technique is a treatment method that is based on traditional Chinese medicine, combining acupuncture, zone therapy, and magnet therapy.

AMS Zone Therapy Insole is designed in Sweden and protected by industrial design rights. The first model has sold extremely well since first the first one in January 2011. On February 20, 2019, we launched the new model called AMS350 Pro Zone Therapy Insole. We look forward to more people using our insoles with the new technology and also getting a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese medicine.

Today we cooperate with various acupuncture clinics and manufacturing companies in China, Japan, and Korea. Together we have developed different types of Zone Therapy Insoles, acupuncture products and shoe inserts. In the future of www.footpoint.se, we will not only sell Zone Therapy Insoles/Magnetic Insoles, but also our own and our partners’ shoe inserts.