AMS350 Pro Zone Therapy Insole

Why use the AMS Zone Therapy Insole?

The AMS Zone Therapy Insole is the solution to pains and aches in not only feet, as many believe, but the whole body, with the help of the insole’s built-in magnets and design that effectively stimulate the reflex zones at the soles of your feet. The fact that our AMS Zone therapy insoles work on 98% of all who test them is no coincidence, but thanks to the triple technique of the insoles, that is a combination of acupuncture, Zone Therapy, and magnet therapy.

The built-in pods of the insoles on the front part correspond to acupuncture needles, which, through impulses in nerves, increase the production of certain substances in the body. On other parts of the insole there are variable hollow points that are adapted to stimulate the specific reflex zones of the feet representing different muscles, organs, and glands. Among the points of the insoles are magnets that increase the flow of red blood cells in the body, which in turn accelerate healing processes.

Construction and further development

The AMS350 Pro Zone Therapy Insole is an insole that combines acupuncture with Zone Therapy and magnet therapy

The AMS Zone Therapy Insoles have magnets that are based on new research and further development of the technology previously used for zone therapy insoles, zone therapy slippers and magnetic insoles. The aim of the development is to develop a pair of AMS that provide the right treatment for the individual. More than 250 elastic acupuncture points and about 100 pods are found on the insole and are formed after the individual’s foot shape, when used to stimulate the different reflex zones of the foot as effectively as possible. A distinct pressure increases the energy flow and the body’s own self-healing process begins. This treatment method is designed through traditional Chinese medicine to prevent ill health and release energy effectively. There are 6 pieces of carefully placed magnets for important zones, for more efficient stimulation as well as for affecting the body’s electrical fields. The magnets also cause the cells to work in greater capacity and thus increase blood circulation and warm up the musculature. Zone Therapy and magnet therapy help with healing and pain relief.

Further development of AMS Zone Therapy Insole is based on the formation of the individual’s foot, sensitivity, body weight, load, balance, and problems. Our insoles are personal to the individual. With a personal insole, energy channels where life energy (Qi) flows are allowed to form and be restored. AMS is proven and tested by specialists and the new development of the insole means that the individual can receive up to 8 hours of treatment and massage every day.

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AMS stands for “acupuncture massage insole” (Chinese: 按摩鞋垫) the development of AMS has been carried out in our research laboratory in China with the help of several acupuncturists and experts. AMS is the only Zone Therapy Insole on the Swedish market that is certified and has industrial design rights. Our carefully crafted Zone Therapy Insole was created from the inventor Sikau’s own foot problems and has subsequently been further developed into an even better insole. 

The three triple techniques


Acupuncture is a treatment that is mainly used against pain in muscles and joints. At an acupuncture treatment, a number of thin and sterile needles are stuck into a body part’s so-called acupuncture points which stimulates the tissue by sending impulses via the nerves to the brain that respond by increasing the production of a particular substance in the body. Acupuncture has been shown to relieve pain effectively.


Zone Therapy:

On the hands and the feet, among others, there are so-called reflex zones that are points that represent various muscles, organs, and glands of the body. When stimulating the reflex zones, the reflex zones communicate with the corresponding part of the body, and the blood flow to the that organ or muscle increases. This method treats many different disorders and symptoms, such as muscle and skeletal pain, insomnia, stress, and increased blood pressure.


Magnet therapy:

Magnet therapy has long been used as an alternative to medicine as it has been shown to counter various disorders such as pain in the back, knees as well as migraines, temporary headaches, and sleep problems. The magnets work by increasing the flow of red blood cells, as each blood cell has a charged iron atom. In this way, blood circulation in the body increases when the red blood cells are exposed to a magnetic field that causes them to change direction and this favors the transport of oxygen and nutrition in the body.


Common issues that can be corrected with AMS Zone Therapy Insole


The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and is as thick as a little finger. The nerve runs from the spinal cord through the vertebrae of the spine via the back of the thigh and further down to the foot. It handles the nerve connections for large parts of the skin and muscles of the leg. Sciatica is a condition in which the sciatic nerve becomes inflamed, irritated, or pinched, causing, among other things, large pains, internal bleeding, and infections.


Fallen arches:

Fallen arches, also called flatfoot, is a condition when the front part of the foot has sunken down. This can occur after a sports injury, by itself or be congenital.


Fallen heels:

A fallen heel is a condition that most often comes as a result of overload of the heel pad. The condition can be caused by loads of, among other things, running and working on hard surfaces. Sometimes “bubbles” appear around the heel that are parts of the heel pad that have flowed out from the underside of the heel bone.


Morton’s Neuroma:

Pain and numbness in the front part of the foot are common and most often this is due to the pinching of a nerve between the bones of the forefoot. This inconvenience is most easily remedied with an insole that is adapted for forefoot discomfort.


Sore feet:

Having sore feet is a common recurring problem for many as the feet are one of the most strained body parts. The soreness can be due to many different things, ranging from strained feet to worn-out tendons. When it comes to soreness of the feet, frozen toes, cold feet, and puffiness are also common issues.


Tired feet:

For many, the feet are burdened daily with many hours of standing and walking on the hard floor. Having tired feet is a common problem for many and affects not only the feet, but the whole body. Tired feet often cause fatigue in other body parts such as legs and back.

Magnets in AMS Zone Therapy Insoles

It has been known for a long time, that magnets are used to counteract various disorders in the back, knees but also migraines, temporary headaches, and sleep problems. In the new model of AMS Zone Therapy Insole there are now 6 pieces of exchangeable magnets of varying sizes with different strengths adapted to the reflex zones of the foot. The replaceable magnets are specifically placed on the insole to stimulate the reflex zones where problems are the most common. Magnets with field strength over 200 Gauss have been shown to increase blood circulation in the body and hence, general well-being. The magnets on the AMS zone therapy insoles are of different sizes and all magnets have strengths of over 1000 Gauss.

The magnets in AMS Zone Therapy Insoles are designed to increase blood circulation and thereby the oxygen and nutritional distribution but also to reduce and remove lactic acids and aches in muscles. With our specifically placed magnets combined with elastic acupuncture points, reflex zones are stimulated more efficiently and at the same time the body’s electrical fields are affected and the cells work at a greater capacity.

1. A magnet in the center of the heel. Zone for the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the body. All nerve signals to and from the lower part of the body go through this nerve. The purpose of the magnet on the sciatic nerve zone is to stimulate and trigger the circulation. An active blood flow occurs and the balance in the body is restored. This stimulation of the sciatic nerve is particularly good for those who do not exercise a lot or have a very sedentary lifestyle.

2. A magnet on the outer edge of the heel. Zone for the knees and thighs. Pain in the legs can be caused by various types of injuries such as, for example, muscle ruptures, inflamed tendons, and stress fractures. Regardless of the cause of the pain, it can lead to an imbalance in the body. The purpose of this magnet is to get the circulation going and thus warm up the musculature which in turn prevents and relieves pain

3. Three magnets in the arch of the foot. Zones for the lumbar vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, ureters, pancreas, stomach, intestines, bladder, and spine. Load pain can occur in the foot regardless of whether you have high or fallen foot arches and this in turn can lead to pain in different parts of the body. A frequent problem with lower arches is that the ankle joint is tilted inward, which in turn gives a more powerful load on the inside of the knee. The purpose of the raised elastic acupuncture points and magnets on the AMS Zone Therapy Insole is to support the arch of the foot so that a better distribution of body weight is provided and to provide effective stimulation for the restoration of balance in the body.

4. A magnet in the solar plexus. Zone for the kidneys and the liver. The magnet is placed at the zone of the solar plexus to stimulate and lift up part of the foot and thus provides support when you walk for long distances. The purpose of this magnet is to stimulate and activate the solar plexus zone that relieves and prevents problems in the kidneys and the liver.

The reflex zones of Zone Therapy

Stimulating specific zones under the insole of the foot restores balance to various parts of the body. Below are shown what muscle, organ or gland is stimulated when a specific part of the foot is massaged. With the new technique and acupuncture principle of the AMS Zone Therapy Insole, which stimulates these zones, these insoles will help you become pain free

The characteristics of the AMS Zone Therapy Insole

Foot massage

Restores the balance in the body

Prevents ill health

Improves sleep quality

Strengthens the immune system

Increases blood circulation

Prevents and relieves pains


1. A cuttable insole with pre-marked sizes.

2. Hollow acupuncture points that provide softness and more effective stimulation.

3. The underside of the insole is equipped with small pods that hold the insole in place during use which prevents the insole from moving when putting the shoes off and on.

4. Ventilation holes for good breathability.

5. More than 250 elastic acupuncture points and about 100 pods across the insole of varying sizes, based on the reflex zones of the foot, provide the ability to stimulate all the zones of the body to achieve the best results.

Funktioner AMS zonterpisula

6. Raised elastic acupuncture points of varying sizes and softness, in order to shape the insole after the individual’s foot after being in use for a while, to provide proper stimulation and massage.

7. Six exchangeable magnets of varying sizes. The purpose of the magnets is to stimulate the reflex zones of the foot and influence the electrical field of the body and cause the cells to work at a greater capacity.